About us

Anorak: British slang. Someone obsessed with a particular topic that is boring or weird to everyone else. / An enthusiast with few social skills but extensive technical knowledge.
Anorak is a visual communication and web development studio that opened in 2002 in London and in 2005 in A Coruña. In 2011 they went back to their roots opening a new office in Fulham, London. Their work is creative, daring and with great aesthetic awareness, showing an innovative use of colour. They have opted for an approach based on lots of client communication and a tireless search for the balance between form and function to enhance the value of the brands they serve. The two founding members have returned to London after 6 years working in A Coruña and still have clients and projects in both cities. It is now, a decade later, that Anorak are reinventing, restructuring and have chosen to undertake their own project: the magazine Brit Es.



Angel Villalba | IT Manager 
BSc Computing Science (Software Engineering). London Metropolitan University (2000).

He received his academic and professional training in London where he lives and has lived for almost all of his adult life. It is there that he specialises in the creation of systems for the tourism industry and PCOs (Professional Conference Organisers). He has worked on a wide range of projects as an analyst, programmer and web developer but of particular note are the conference management systems that he has developed both in the UK and on an international scale which are used by renowned organisations such as BMUS (British Medical Ultrasound Society), BSR (British Society for Rheumatology, and BAPO (British Association for Paediatric Otorhinalaryngology). He has been an associate at Anorak since it opened in London in 2002.


Carolina Núñez | Directora de Arte
BA in Graphic Design at the Escuela Pablo Picasso in A Coruña (1997).

The best letter of introduction is her portfolio, her best weapons are her creativity and her communication skills. She has built her career in A Coruña and London, living with one foot in each city since 2001. She has worked at La Voz de Galicia, in the creative department at Idea and at the London multinational Pentagram Design. She is associate and Art Director of Anorak Studio. Granddaughter of a photographer, her father was an artist and her mother is a writer. In 2013 she is embarking on this new project: a change in direction in her career that lets her combine two of her passions: art and publishing.


David Carrillo | Programador Web
BSc Computing Science. A Coruna Universuty.

This programmer from A Coruña started his higher education in Industrial Engineering, which is where he discovered one of his many vocations: software development. He decided to change tack and study Information Technology in A Coruña (2006). He soon began working at Anorak Studio where he specialised in the development of web applications and says he was enriched by a more up close and personal view of technology. He is currently dividing his time between developing mobile apps and websites, and another of his passions, his job as a gymnastics coach.


Pablo García | Ilustrador
BA Fine Art, Design and Audiovisual. Salamanca University (2000).

He has a degree in Fine Art, Design and Audiovisual from the University of Salamanca (2000). Born and bred in León, he is notable for his artistic talents and the high quality of his work. Pablo encompasses the essence of a new project, a technique to try out, an idea to explore. His painting, photography and illustration has been shown both in solo exhibitions and with the work of other artists. In the last few years he has been involved in a range of creative projects as a teacher, always standing out for his good nature and his effortless communication with the very young through the language of art and sculpture.